Kolleen Rask, Class of 1982

Before we get to this year’s Thurston Bowl honorees, I want to recognize two past recipients who are with us today. Five years ago, Bill Ryan, Class of ’62, was honored with the Thurston Bowl. At the time, Bill was about one year into his goal of visiting as many classmates as possible before their 50th reunion. Last fall he completed the “Trip of a Lifetime,” having visited—and reported on—161 classmates. Also with us is Ken Willcox, Class of ’67, celebrating both his 45th reunion and 45 years as secretary. He was awarded the Thurston at his 25th reunion in 1992, and he’s still going strong! This year’s winners—yes, winners—haven’t been at the helm for nearly as long as Bill or Ken or Ted Thurston. From the start, their notes were among the most unique our editors had ever received. In telling their class’s story, these co-secretaries have submitted notes written in the style of a gumshoe detective, from the couch of a therapist’s office, as the latest installment of Lavender Bovine (the “smallest-circulation quarterly poetry journal published in the Western Hemisphere”), from the office of a network TV executive during ratings season, and from the studio of a radio DJ. There was even an Edgar Allen Poe-style tale of a party celebrating 50th birthdays among classmates. Yet their style never overshadows substance. From life’s daily routines to once-in-a-lifetime accomplishments and experiences, their coverage of classmates’ news is broad and deep. For their unique style and senses of humor, for their dedication and devotion to classmates and college, and for their five years of distinguished service as class secretaries, the Society of Alumni is proud to honor, from the Class of 1982: Will Layman and Kolleen Rask