Jeff "J" DeLisle, Class of 1978

Class secretaries are essential alumni volunteers. They devote countless hours to gathering and writing Class Notes, ensuring that their classmates continue to have a connection to each other and to Williams—no matter how much their lives have changed since leaving the Purple Valley. The Thurston Bowl is awarded for distinguished service as class secretary. It was donated by the family and friends of Ted Thurston, Class of 1912, who wrote Class Notes for 65 years. During that time, Ted missed only one deadline—and then only because he forgot to send his completed notes to the magazine. This year’s recipient has held the class pen for 10 years, and the editors know his column to be written with care and enthusiasm. He takes great pride in his work, making it his most important priority not only to share his classmates’ news but also to, in his words “make manifest and celebrate the profoundness of the college in our lives.” Revisiting his past notes the reader is treated to portraits of unique experiences—the “head count” of a classmate’s family holding steady at four kids or a solo mountain bike trip—as well as commentary on how the class as a whole may be weathering certain shared celebrations—a reunion, a milestone birthday, or the arrival of a first grandchild. Column after column, his notes offer much more than a glimpse into the lives of his classmates and feature intermittent personal details of his own life as well. Perhaps this is to be expected, given that our secretary is also a psychiatrist—skilled at careful observation and offering perspective through the lens of his own expertise. In the last column of his first term of secretary he summed up the hard work: “I got more than I gave.” Indeed, he signed on again and has given five more years of exceptional service to his class. For his integrity and kindness, for his dedication and devotion to his classmates and college, and for his 10 years of distinguished service as class secretary, the Society of Alumni is proud to honor, from the Class of 1978: Jeff “J” DeLisle