Peter Willmott, Class of 1959

One of a score of Ephs in his extended family, our honoree got used to serving this college as an undergraduate. He was a Junior Advisor, member of Gargoyle, captain of the basketball team, and president of the News Bureau and Purple Key and Alpha Delta Phi. Once the habit was ingrained, it never left him. Over a half century of alumni service—and on top of an extraordinary business career—our honoree has served his alma mater as Admissions Representative, Class Agent, Class President, Regional President, and member of the Society of Alumni’s Executive Committee.  He was the National Chairman of the Third Century Campaign and Regional Chair of The Williams Campaign. The College named him a trustee in 1983, and he served on the board until 1998, including 10 years as chair of the Trustee Executive Committee. In addition to his gifts of experience, judgment, and leadership, he has been one of the most generous contributors to the Williams enterprise. On a personal note—and as someone who’s met thousands of eager Ephs—I can promise you that no one cares more about this college or bleeds a richer shade of purple, than this great man. In honor of a lifetime of dedication to his alma mater, our Rogerson Cup overflows with gratitude to Pete Willmott ’59