Joey Shaista Horn, Class of 1987

As her alma mater seeks to attract a wider and deeper pool of international students, this year’s recipient has led the charge from Oslo to Singapore. In the midst of so much else she does for Williams—from helping lead this year’s 25th reunion to serving on the board of trustees—our recipient makes time to visit schools, host admission staff, and organize Williams gatherings wherever she happens to be in the world. She stays in close touch with applicants and accepted students, and is enormously supportive of current students as well. She explains her own motivations for such great work as follows: “I’m Asian by birth, European by marriage, and my Williams experience makes me American at heart. I tell prospective students that, first and foremost, Williams cares about students as individuals, and we continue to care about them for the rest of their lives.” For all that she does to spread the Williams word to outstanding students around the globe, we proudly honor the outstanding performance, loyalty, and service of this year’s Copeland Award winner: Joey Shaista Horn ’87